Booking conditions

Terms of Reservation

1.Cancellation of the reservation
The cancellation of the reservation will lead to retain the following amounts:
- 50% of the deposit when the cancellation of the reservation is made more than thirty days before the date of entry to the property.
- 100% of the deposit when the cancellation is made less than thirty days in advance.

2. Schedules of arrivals and departures
The time of entry can be from 17.00 and departure until 10.00 .

For weekend stays, the output can be delayed until the afternoon, when it coincides with the arrival of another customer.

3. Payment
At the time of booking must be made a deposit of 25% of the total (40% if the amount of the reserve exceeds € 3,000). If past 3 days of confirmation not received the deposit the landlord reserves the right to cancel the reservation without notice.
The remaining amount must be paid on arrival and in cash.

4. Customer Obligations
The occupation of the accommodation will be limited to the number of people listed in the contract, including those kids (who go without their own crib and have more than 2 years). Pets not allowed
 Customers should leave the accommodation collected and presentable. This includes (guideline) that dishes must be clean and placed in place, the refrigerator without food debris and trash should have been emptied.

  5. Deposit

The customer must inform in case there was any damage to proceed to pay the equivalent amount in cash. In the event that a deposit is requested when booking or on arrival, this will be € 300 for each housse payable in cash and will return to the leave or within three days of departure, to to verify the correct state of the property. In case of damage, the owner of the house reserves the right to withhold the appropriate amount to cover the cost of damages and damages up to ask for the remaining amount..

6. Home Inventory
The homes have the necessary items to the people who occupy them. If upon arrival observe that something is missing (cups, plates, ...) it must notify the owner. In the same way, if during your stay you break something please notify the owner and eventually take charge of his replacement.
When they reach the house there is a small cleaning kit that includes the minimum necessary to begin the stay (garbage bag, matches, dishwasher, cloth ...).

7. Booking Confirmation
Any reservation made is manually monitored to confirm that all aspects of the book are correct (price, features, and employment). Having reviewed the book and received payment from the customer is sent an email confirmation / receipt of payment. The reservation is considered confirmed by and once sent the e-mail confirmation / receipt of payment and, in any case, not before.
If there is any irregularity in the book and this is not accepted by the owner, if the customer has made a payment, you will be refunded the full amount given to account.